As has been noted we concentrate on the NASDAQ index for our trading calls, so trading on this index will give you the most accurate results. But as also noted, all indexs roughly move in synch, this can also be said of individual stocks. So whatever investment vehicle you feel comfortable using, feel free to continue.

If your looking for ideas as far as what to use to trade, we’ve got a couple suggestions.

Our favorite is Guggenheim Mutaul Funds. They have many different funds but we use the OTC fund to go long and the inverse OTC fund to go short. They also have funds that try to double the performance of these funds.To open an account you do need a $100,000 minimum investment. But you can trade your fund once a day, 10 minutes before close over the internet or 15 minutes before close over the phone, and there is no fee when you switch funds.

We also like Proshares Exchange Traded Funds. They have funds you can trade like stocks for many indexes, inverse funds and funds that try for multiple returns. You can trade these from a brokerage account but your cost per transaction will vary.